The flowers of the Hemerocallis live up to the name of the plant. It is truly a beauty for one day.

However, one day is a bit confusing and for many people it is a reason not to include this beautiful plant in their garden.

Although most Hemerocallis indeed only flower for one day (in fact sometimes more than 24 hours), a plant will flower so many that it can be admired between 4 and 6 weeks of flowering.

In addition, the former already start to show their floral splendor in May and the latter give an after-gift at the end of August / beginning of September.

With a little planning you can have a flowering Hemerocallis in your garden from late spring to early fall.

About me

I am Martin Adema, born and raised Frisian from Drachten.

In addition to my work in care for the disabled, in my spare time I spend a lot of time outside in the garden and at the nursery.

In 2004 I started an allotment garden at the allotment complex 'De Wrottersploech' in Drachten.

Together with my in-laws we rented 4 ares.

Gardening increased the interest in plants and flowers.

I came into contact with growers and often came across, among others, the hemerocallis. By delving into this plant species, I started collecting hemerocallis.

There are so many varieties of this plant and I got so excited by reading and talking about it a lot.

It is also a very strong plant that you can plant anywhere.

After I bought various varieties from garden centers and growers, I ran out of space in the allotment garden.

My hobby has grown into a small nursery with 17 acres of land and a nice collection of about 2000 types of hemerocallis.

The nursery is not open to the public. The nursery can only be visited during open days.