Nursery Adema Daglelies

  After I had planted several types of daylilies in my backyard, it quickly turned out to be too small.

  Finally, you also want other plants in the garden. I then started looking for more land where I could further expand my hobby.

  I found this at the Amateur Gardeners Association de Wrottersploech in Drachten.

  There was still a lot of land available on this large complex with more than 300 members.

  Together with my father-in-law, we rented a plot of 4 acres and built a garden shed.

  We each had 2 ares, but soon I started using my father-in-law's piece.

  I soon ran out of land and my father-in-law was also satisfied with one acre. The garden was full of daylilies.

  After a few years this number was expanded and I also had a lot of plants to trade or sell.

  These plants also came into pots, firstly because I ran out of soil and secondly, it was so easy to sell them and take them with me.

  to take to garden fairs or flower markets.

  In 2007 I was a number of times at a flea market with my plants.

  A year later I added green markets and that turned out to be a success.

  I have met many people and made them enthusiastic with my passion and beautiful daylilies.

  I also hope to visit many green markets every year to show people what a special plant the daylily is.

  In the summer of 2008, the opportunity arose to rent an additional piece of land a few yards away.

  I didn't think long about this and then I added 3 acres (300 square meters).

  April 2009 another piece of 2 acres was added. In total I now own 800 square meters.

  In the fall of 2011 I own a collection of about 1200 different species.

  In 2012 I have a total of 1000 square meters of land with many daylilies.

  I use 2 ares for my seedlings and I have plants for sale.

  I have also set up a sales area where plants are in pots.

  In 2013 I built up a collection of about 1350 types of daylilies.

  In the years that followed, my collection and land expanded on the complex. I still enjoy working with the plants. Maintenance and keeping weeds free takes a lot of time     and energy.

  In 2021 I will have a nice collection of about 2000 species. In August 2021 I registered my nursery with the Chamber of Commerce.

  I hope this will bring even more attention to my enthusiasm and beautiful daylilies.